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From the Dean

This past year has been a time of enormous challenges and extraordinary upheaval marked by personal losses and an unprecedented disruption to the way we live our lives. “As we emerge from this era, we have come to understand how critical community and connection are for us to thrive,” says Dean Matthew Diller. “We have a renewed understanding of how we need to affirmatively nurture, build, and treasure our connections and attachments to each other.”

In this video, Dean Diller explores the importance of connection and how the Law School’s dedication to service uniquely prepared the Fordham community to weather this storm.

Addressing Systemic Racism graphic

In the wake of George Floyd’s brutal killing, Fordham Law School made a sweeping commitment to understanding how racism affects our own community and taking bold actions to address it. One year later, on the anniversary of Floyd’s death, I invited students, alumni, faculty, and staff to share their perspectives on addressing racism, reflecting on the opportunities for change and the serious challenges that remain as we move forward.

–Dean Matthew Diller