Making the Most of Your LL.M.

As an LL.M. student at Fordham Law, you will have access to our broad curriculum and accomplished faculty and you will be able to tap into an extraordinary range of intellectual activities, networking opportunities, and professional resources.

Our Curriculum

Specialized Curriculum and Training for Foreign-Trained Students
For students who have received their primary law degrees outside the U.S., we offer a host of programs designed to help ease the transition to U.S. legal study, including Introduction to the U.S. Legal System and Process; Introduction to the U.S. Legal Profession; U.S. Contract Law; Legal Writing and Research for LL.M. Students; Fundamental Lawyering Skills; and drafting and negotiation courses. LL.M. students also have access to the Fordham University Writing Center and Fordham University’s Institute for American Language and Culture.
Thinking About Sitting for the New York Bar Exam?
All of our LL.M. programs can be used to supplement a first law degree to meet the requirements of the Rules of the New York Court of Appeals for foreign-trained lawyers to sit for the New York State Bar Examination.
The Graduate Externship Program gives LL.M. students the opportunity to engage in for-credit externships with a wide variety of host organizations, including law firms, corporate legal and compliance departments, nonprofit organizations, and courts and government organizations. Such placement experiences are intended to enrich the educational experience students receive in the Law School’s doctrinal courses. They also promote students’ professional development by assisting them in integrating legal theory with hands-on skills and professional values.
LL.M. students are invited to apply for one of several clinics offered by the Law School. These clinics provide opportunities to work with real clients, the courts, opposing attorneys, community organizations, and legislatures to solve tangible legal problems facing individuals and our society. Students may choose from among several clinics that reflect a broad array of legal disciplines.

Beyond the Classroom

In addition to our formal curriculum, Fordham Law offers exceptional opportunities outside of the classroom for LL.M. students to pursue their intellectual interests, connect with classmates and other legal professionals, and apply their legal education in real-world settings.
Centers and Institutes
Our nearly 20 centers and institutes bring together students, faculty, and professionals to accomplish goals that are critically important in our society. By participating in center activities, LL.M. students not only gain knowledge and acquire skills, they also get to connect with other students and professionals, and make a difference.

Students in our LL.M. program are invited to apply to join the staff of the following journals, which consistently draw high praise from the legal community:

  • Fordham Environmental Law Review
  • Fordham Intellectual Property, Media and Entertainment Law Journal
  • Fordham International Law Journal
  • Fordham Journal of Corporate and Financial Law
Student Organizations
All LL.M. students are fully integrated into the extracurricular life of the Law School. LL.M. students have their own representatives in the Student Bar Association and are encouraged to join the wide range of student clubs and activities within the Law School community.
Every year, approximately 150 students from more than 40 countries enroll in our LL.M. program, which creates a diverse and enriching academic environment with numerous opportunities to expand your professional network. As an LL.M. student, you will also have access to the larger Fordham Law community in New York City and around the world. Take advantage of the many alumni events, affinity groups, and chapters in the U.S. and beyond.
Individualized Career Advising
We are dedicated to helping you advance your career during and after your studies at Fordham Law.

Our Graduate Professional Development Program (GPDP) provides personalized attention through one-on-one career counseling and offers access to a wealth of print materials, videos, seminars, and online resources to aid in your job search and professional development.

International Student Interview Program (ISIP)
International LL.M. students at Fordham Law are eligible to participate in the International Student Interview Program (ISIP), a job fair in New York City for foreign-trained LL.M. students attending select U.S. law schools. The job fair attracts over 160 employers from top law firms and other organizations each year.

Fordham Law Network Effect

We are immensely proud of our alumni community of esteemed lawyers, judges, entrepreneurs, and public servants. This vibrant and loyal network reaches across the globe.

The Fordham Law Alumni Association has also established the following affinity groups, which aim to connect alumni, students, and faculty with shared interests, practice areas, and backgrounds:

  • Alumni Attorneys of Color
  • Business and Financial Law
  • Compliance
  • Entrepreneurial Law
  • Intellectual Property and Information Law
  • International Law
  • LGBTQ+
  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution
  • Public Interest, Service and Government
  • Real Estate
  • Solo/Small Firm
  • Women’s Networking – D.C. Chapter
  • Women’s Networking – NYC Chapter

Fordham Law also has a range of alumni chapters throughout the U.S. and across the globe. These chapters organize events, spread the word about Fordham Law, and help to keep our community members connected with each other and with the Law School.